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Salt Peanuts Jazz Band

Equally amazing in Classical Bi-Bop, Pop Hits, Latin, Jazz-Rock, Jazz-Epic, Jazz-Dance, Ethnic-Jazz.  

1 - 2USD
by service
Ability to move: Countrywide
Colby Dubai House
I started my DJ career in Newcastle, Uk back in 1998. After Uni I secured residencies around the nightlife there. My main long term residency was back at Ponana (now Tokyo). I played weekly on Sunday nights weekend wind down slot, also quite a lot of other party events at the chain. We held nights at Bar M, Egypt Cottage and Legends, also the occasional club nights at foundation and the legendary Rockshots. After moving back to my home town in Liverpool, I secured quite a few gig’s with Babycream, BluBar, Geisha and Magnet. I play House music.
500 - 1500AED
by hour
Musicians & Singers
Ability to move: Worldwide
Hello everybody Photo is part of my life I choose you and I spend part of my life with you
500 - 1000AED
by hour
Photographer & Videographers
Ability to move: Within the city
Singer with 10 years experience in different countries as solo,in duo-trio,with the band. Positive, energetic, purposeful, stress-resistant.
300 - 1500AED
by hour
Musicians & Singers
Ability to move: Countrywide
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There is a place for every talented, professional person. And best cabinets and halls (event venues and locations) on our catalogue’s pages. To create a catchy and bright event first thing to do is to collect all the best workers at one place. Dubai job is quite popular exactly in organization and service. The process begins with the choosing of the type of the place where everything would happen.

Reputable events

Everything should be suitable for the exact situation so not to fall a single detail off. If an arrangement is official, it turns to be a:

For all these meetings we offer you large, equipped cabinets, which suit perfectly to create an appropriate working atmosphere. Most of the mentioned cabinets (venues are located) in high-class hotels. Decoration of the room is almost absent usually; serving staff is used for assistance with documents, presentations (technical support), or serving drinks (tea/coffee/water).

Formal events

Nevertheless, the meeting can appear still official but not too dry and strict. It is something in between two categories. To such kind we will distinguish a:

These types of arrangements are meant to happen a little bit more hearty and cozy. The room is decorated in a braver way. Decoration suitable: posters, cards, snack table. Serving staff: technical support if needed, photographers, musicians. Other part time jobs in Dubai in combining two professions (for example, promoter/model). Это предложение непонятно - нем нет подлежащего и сказуемого! For organizing and providing excellent formal event people in Dubai usually use also other part time jobs in Dubai. These jobs combine two professions (for…)

Informal events

The great plus (advantage) of this category is an absolute wideness of creation and art. Here we hold:

According to your wish, we invite (you can book and hire) professional singers, musicians, animators, DJs and any other performers (dancing or even original genres). The decoration uses flowers, balloons, posters. We also offer to establish scene, dance floor, special safe game room for children. Serving staff includes: waiters, hostesses, photographers, models, technical support.

Scale events

We have offers for especially wide scale parties, such as:

They need longer and more careful preparations. Also would need more staff. Professional decorators, singers, support group, DJs or musicians will work for such an impressive party. As a place to hold we are able to equip a whole Hall or stadium.

Staff available

Depending on the type of the future party or client’s wish, which we always count with, we offer plenty of job vacancies in Dubai taken by our staff workers. We have:

They all are highly professional and work as:

In Conclusion

There are several criteria of successful event, as we think.

  1. Wisely chosen place according to the specifics of exact arrangement.
  2. Professional team of workers who you can rely on.
  3. Organizers who are able to keep everything under control.

We are glad to cooperate with anyone who is interested in a really good job. It is no harder than to smile – to find the best variant exactly for your purposes. All you have to do is free registration and four simple steps until your dream party!

If you are not sure how exactly your event should look like, you can choose one of OUT-OF-BOX solutions.

10 March 2017, 22:10

Dubai International Horse Fair 2017

Horse Fair , Dubai , auction

Thursday, March 16, 2017 to Saturday, March 18, 2017
Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai

The Dubai International Horse Fair is the Middle East’s leading equestrian trade and business event.


27 February 2017, 22:09

Our team just applied to Startup World Cup @SWC2017

Smooglee , Startup World Cup

Our team just applied to Startup World Cup @SWC2017 #Smooglee#StartupWorldCup