Film & Stage Crews

Film & Stage Crews - Omar Sharif. Freelancer Events/Production/Entertainment
Omar Sharif. Freelancer Events/Production/Entertainment
Worked as an Entertainment Production Team with the C&E Department for Global Village Season 2015-16. Worked as an Event Coordinator for EYEDEX (Early Years Edu
300 - 550 AED
by day
Film & Stage Crews
Musicians & Singers - meHiLove
Всем привет! Я саунд продюсер из Киева. Имею обширный опыт в создании авторских треков и ремиксов. Пишу музыку уже более 10 лет. Мои треки издаются с 2010 г. на
300 - 500 USD
by hour
Musicians & Singers
Photographer & Videographers - Preetam Kotian
Preetam Kotian
I'm Preetam Kotian, a registered freelance offline Editor/Producer with an overall experience of over 4 years. I've executed projects of various types like TVCs
3000 - 10000 AED
by service
Photographer & Videographers
Abu Dhabi
Photographer & Videographers - Red Pill Productions
Red Pill Productions
The services we offer include: Concept Development & Scripting Corporate Video/Commercial Shoots Promotional/Highlight Videos Interview Style/Documentary Shoots
5000 - 10000 AED
by service
Photographer & Videographers
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Our offers and aims

Are you searching an Art Director, the person who is going to make your holiday not just good, but truly worthy and thus all of your friends to recognize it as just stunning? In our directory, there is a place for the masters of their craft in all areas that you feel are appropriate and necessary to work with your project. Please refer to our Masters to work with photos, videos, and any other organization aspects of the parties. A special place in our catalog covers Camera Crew, who is going to create for you video and photos of excellent quality, so that you feel as if you are present again at the festival, which once themselves organized. If you have something on such a regard, we carefully select the master of our center among the most outstanding professionals, with pleasure considering them.

Perfect to the last drop

Among our available options and option orders, there is a special person, who specializes as a Costume Designer, and he or she will enchant all the costumes of private authorship. Just ask us for a theme party, and all the stuff is to be made by a professional. Have queries about the possibilities of masters? We can offer you to enjoy watching colorful portfolios of whom we are proud to call Our Team. Make a list of those you need to arrange a luxurious party and talk to us: you might have missed someone on your list.

Top People

Not even one party can pass without this person: it is Assistant Director, the one to check all the details to make your holiday flawless. Just let this experienced master to work on each element of the mosaic from which will develop your entire project and be sure you will be satisfied with the result. Many believe that to organize large-scale event is not difficult and a lot of important job can be done by yourself, nevertheless it's not true. Good assistants, which are in our agency, are a necessity. Among them: Set Designer, which helps you to organize the space and use it properly. Each designer has a major task with which s/he copes better than the rest. If you want everything to be really wonderful, let each master to carry out own part of the organization, then you will have no problems in the end and everyone will be satisfied. Another important person that you cannot avoid but hire is Line Producer, who will also assume the lion's share of worries and will make your job easy and enjoyable. What is the complete organization of the event? Of course, there is nothing more important than checking everything to appreciate even the little things, which will make the final picture of what is happening under your leadership. Contact us for help and you will not regret it!

The final touch to the production

Any event is made up of a perfect preparation to all, including:

The external decoration of the rooms and facilities is half the battle. This is why you need to not only order flowers, balloons and any other decoration, but also worthy of the work on the light. Order services of a professional master of lightning; treat yourself and guests with excellent service!

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