04 September 2014, 12:44

Courier delivery

Courier delivery


Time - is what we have so often lack of. Sometimes it is even "worth its weight in gold."

The main components of the efficient use of time are the following:

  • clear plan
  • correct sequence
  • speed of the task performance

It is important to note that speed is the major advantage of courier delivery. Today, the courier services provide the ability to deliver what you want in any corner of the globe. Due to their close-knit work every day millions of people need either necessary documents or goods which do not have the opportunity to come themselves, and sometimes even romantic letters! Indeed, despite the presence of e-mails, telephones, now it is very fashionable to correspond the "old way."

There is a great number of courier companies operating on the territory of UAE. If we take, for example, Dubai, you can be sure - on the Internet after search on demand "Courier Service Dubai" or "Courier Dubai" - we will see no less than a hundred courier companies.

But when you should select – be careful. After all, you or your company trust documents, belongings, and you must be sure that they are guaranteed to reach the addressee.

Courier companies which have placed the information about them on SMOOGLEE.COM were thoroughly tested and guaranteed quality of service.

Also note that if you are looking for a job or a part-time job, SMOOGLEE.COM is -online platform where you'll find a lot of orders for courier delivery. For this work you are not required to have high expertise and special skills, so even students can register on the platform, for example, in the category «Delivery” and find suitable work for them.

But, it is important to note, that the Customers choose Service Providers very strictly and carefully! It is very important in fact that the courier should be polite in communication, has a neat appearance, should be punctual and have to know the city well (in this now GPS – navigators can help a lot).

For transportation of large and heavy parcels it is better to choose Service Provider with a car. The load of pedestrian courier sometimes reaches the weight of 20 kg (!).  Besides, the courier should not only prevent the damage of the parcel, but also take the shortest way of delivery and be polite and competent when transferring the parcel to the recipient.

Now payment for such important work averages from 20 to 1 000 dhs. per delivery. And an experience courier has time to set about 100 parcels per day. Thus, the more deliveries - the higher salary!

So, if you are ready to execute the tasks on SMOOGLEE.COM in the "courier delivery” category and be a master of this business, please, do remember that politeness, neatness, accuracy and desire to work - are your benefits! Register now!