09 December 2015, 08:05


F1 , sport event

DEC 10 - DEC 11, 2015
The event is the most spectacular water sport championship in the world. It has been described as driving the F1 race car at full speed over a ploughed field.
The exciting event allows you to watch the Formula 1 Powerboats accelerate faster than even the most state-of-the-art F1 cars; they are capable of going from standstill to 160 kilometers per hour in only 4 seconds.
The ultimate extreme sport becomes even more amazing as you watch the boats compete at these speeds without the use of brakes or gears. The start button is pressed and within a fraction of a second, you watch them spinning at 9600rpm and pumping out 400hp.
Visit the championship to watch a competitive, fascinating, challenging, daring, risky and entertaining racing!