28 October 2014, 21:11

SMOOGLEE.com knows how to celebrate the most terrible holiday Halloween with joy and fun


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The unique advantage of SMOOGLEE - no commission for all very simple creating and providing tasks.

Scary music, twinkling of candles, pumpkins and dizzy fun - all these things are related to the most cheerful and mystic autumn holiday – Halloween!

Everything is possible at this night (from October 31 to November 1): to dip into the atmosphere of fear and horror, to set light to the lanterns, to dress up into terrible costumes, to fool around, to get many candies and frighten Your friends with terrible stories!

Meet Halloween 2014 well-prepared! SMOOGLEE.com will help You with all preparations! Just create the tasks like:

Buy and deliver terrible sweeties

Read mystic fortune-telling

Cut out pumpkin for You

Prepare awesome dishes according to the ominous recipes

Decorate Your house in the style "nice ghosts"

Create the most frightful makeup

Make the hellish manicure

Prepare home evening-party "Trick or Treat!"

Create and sew the unique suit


Kind regards,
Smooglee team