17 September 2014, 12:03

How to become a "Verified Service Provider" and why this is necessary

Verified Service Provider

Dear friend!

Welcome to our team of Performers on Smooglee.com! Now - You will be able to perform interesting tasks and get Your fee!

You have already filled Your profile on the site and get the status - "Registered Performer".

ATTENTION! Starting from the 1st of September, 2014 a new additional criterion for Performers will be added on Smooglee.com: task for – "only verified PERFORMERS". In this case, if You do not have this status - You cannot apply for the task.

This function was introduced on the demand of our Customers, because the question of quality assurance is very important for them!

In order to obtain the status of "verified" and have opportunity to fulfill the tasks we kindly ask You to pass an interview we kindly ask You to pass an interview:
1. Skype - interview (mandatory access to video),
2. Personal interview (Level 14, Boulevard Plaza Towel 1, downtown Dubai, Dubai, UAE).

Choose a convenient way and let us know:
- By phone +971 56 377 31 15,
- By email - valeriia@smooglee.com,
- On Skype - valeriya.smooglee.

As soon as You will pass the interview You will receive the higher status - "Verified Performer".

Highest status "Verified_Guaranted Performer" and golden lamp on the profile will be given to the Performers who will provide us with his/her Emirates ID card.

This status will prove that You can perform more responsible and, of course, better-paid tasks. Customers prefer just this type of Performers in the first place! Be one of them!

Call Now!
+971 56 377 31 15
Skype: valeriya.smooglee