27 January 2016, 09:51


Central Park , Abu Dhabi , umsiyat

JAN 24 - MAR 10, 2016
Enjoy the Umsiyat series designed to deliver moments of poetry translating a new understanding of humanity and reviving the tradition of openness which ranks among the highest values of the Arab world.
The series of outdoor music and poetry performances celebrating heritage will integrate different forms of music and to translate a poetical dialogue facilitated by shared musical understanding and keeping in line with the Arabic definition of universality
The Umsiyat series will run alongside the Abu Dhabi Classics season and Bait Al Oud concerts and embrace the Music and Poetry theme of the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Music Programme.
The series will combine music and poetry from the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Pakistan and Turkey and will feature some of the most renowned performers in their field, including performers such as the innovative Faiz Ali Faiz and Alim Qasimov, the well-known singer Abeer Nehme and the Ney master Kudsi Erguner.