African Acrobatics

100 USD - 500 USD / by day

, Ability to move: Worldwide

Why book African Acrobatics?

I am doing African Acrobats,I started since 2000 till present,i hope what i do makes big audience happy and enjoyable.

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we expect any good promotion through our good promo videos in youtube and we mostly we hope to get promotion agency those can promote us to prove our shows worldwide.
Its a multi artistic skilled group from Africa Kenya,comprised of all African Talent around the World. It was established in 2000 after discover acrobatic talent around North coast of Kenya coast province 45 minutes drive from Mombasa city,features as Kenyan Artists who have been trained together for many years,making its advertisement, shows to public meetings,cultural festivals,schools,theater,clubs and hotels,Temple African Entertainers now can work all way around the world. :We have brought together the most experience acrobatic talent in the North coast of Kenya Kilifi 45 minutes drive from Mombasa. Our talent are proven performers and perfected their shows,if you get attends our show on stage,you will be happy and comfortable,marveling between African Acrobats and European style arts and circus skills that they have owned and perfected over many years which are performed now in African culture.Our shows are high energetic acts deserve to entertain,we have been working in circus in Germany,circus in India,theme parks in Taiwan,theater and hotels in Turkey.Between all audience that have succeeded to watch our shows still come for more. ACTS:Temple African Entertainers are special in African Acrobatics and dancing styles featured as Body pyramids,Tumbling,Double rope skipping,Hula diving,Limbo fire show,Roller roller,bench hand balancing,chair hand balancing,chair comedy,juggling,Chinese pole,fire eating and vomiting.Each act takes 5 to 7 minutes on stage,Our show is minimum 45 minutes non stop on stage but it can been divided into short duration performances according a contract given.Addition to our shows usually its consists of 5 members to 12 members. HOW WE WORK:Temple African Entertainers can work anywhere at any offer long term and short term,winter,spring,autumn and summer. HOW WE CHARGE FOR SHOWS:Our shows are very special,unique,funny and amazing,we have 9 acts in our full show and for every 3 acts ın 15 mınutes per show per day performing, we take €500 per week per each person

Multiple (group, band)

Year of foundation: 2000

Number of staff: 7

Long and short contracts,all seasons.
  • Concert halls
  • Stadiums
  • Night clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Private parties
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