200 AED - 5000 AED / by service

Dubai, UAE Ability to move: Countrywide

Why book Borna?

I am a university student. I have been a musician for over 8 years. I am in a metal band as a vocalist, however, I love all types of music. Available for full band and solo performance. Play music as a career is my dream. Right now, I am trying to make some money to finish up my education to pursue it!

Why book on Smooglee?


You can expect us to put on a great show with the terms that you ask us to play with. We can perform mostly rock and metal, but there is space for negotiation. Most importantly, you can expect a performance worth what you are paying for, and more.
We have over 8 years of experience with several different bands and genres. We are a Metal band. However, we always try to be diverse and spread out into other scenes. We have played more venues than we can count. Roughly over 20 gigs, namely, The music room, Ratsky Sports Bar, Ramada Hotel, 3 out 3 battle of the bands winners.

Multiple (group, band)

Year of foundation: 2009

Number of staff: 5

-We expect an early booking with a list of preferred songs and bands you would like to hear us play. -A list of every instrument and hardware available for use, so that we can organize our end. -Prices are negotiable.
  • Concert halls
  • Stadiums
  • Night clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Private parties


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