DJ Solo

50 USD - 100 USD / by hour

, Ability to move: Within the city

Why book DJ Solo?

I'm offering my skills as DJ and Light operator for well-equipped venue. During my performance I'm mixing tracks and adding audio FX + controlling the light show, the overall effect is greater, as if 2 independent people: DJ, and Light Jockey were working. My light shows are perfectly synchronized to the music and represent musical events, providing that special BUZZ feeling, that people on the dance floor are looking for. Software: Ableton, D-Pro (ENTTEC), Lightconverse. All the latest technologies the industry has to offer.

Why book on Smooglee?


Dancefloor-blowing parties where EVERYBODY will dance.

I work from laptop. My host DJ-ing software is Ableton Live 9 + akai midi controller. To control the lights i use D-Pro software from ENTTEC. The maximum output I can provide is 8 DMX universes, 4096 channels in total. Another program that helps me a lot - is lightconverse. This software (or similar, such as WYSIWYG from CAST, or realizzer) is used for 3D modeling and composing of the largest and jaw-dropping concerts, parties and shows around the World. I own trace version of this software. It allows me to create shows, not even coming to the venue and not unnecessary disturbing the lighting and FX fixtures. The format of the music I play: 80% - House music (mainstream remixes, no trance or something too deep), 20% - hip-hop & trap. I worked for 7 years in New York's night clubs and restaurants.


Sex: Male

Year of birth: 1984

Nationality: Russian

Country of origin: Russia

Well-equipped (sound/lighting) venue. List of lighting/FX fixtures with DMX (or ArtNet) addresses assigned.

Currently in Russian Federation. Looking to establish long-lasting business relationships with right Venue, or Booking Company in Dubai. My level of specialists is hard-to-find.

  • Concert halls
  • Stadiums
  • Night clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Private parties
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