1500 AED - 2000 AED / by day

Dubai, UAE Ability to move: Worldwide
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Why book DJ TRACE?

I am a professional DJ and have been working since the last 3 years in UAE for private and corporate events with notable companies like Qatar Airways, Unilever, Standard Chartered bank, Powerhouse energy drink, Mishubishi motors and many more. My collection includes and extensive list of house, commercial and bollywood mixes. Regards, Rishi

Why book on Smooglee?


You can expect a very professional service from me as I work with certain terms with all my clients and corporation from them means 100% success of the event. 1. In a particular day I don't do more than 1 event. 2. I make sure that I have the starting time of the event with me and I reach the venue at least 2 hours prior to the start creating lots of time to setup and if any issue or problem arises then there is time for getting them resolved. 3. I carry my own DJ Console meaning that the company or client working with me does nor need to arrange a console. 4. I make sure that I have a lot of backup instruments ready with me, which has helped me to assist many other artist photographers, technicians for several events. 5. For me client is the king and would make sure to fulfil all the necessary needs and requirements of the client.
Dear Smooglee team, I have been working as a freelance DJ since 2012 in the UAE for various corporate and private events inclusive of gala dinners, annual celebration parties, award ceremonies, product launches, weddings, birthday parties, 25th anniversary parties and many more. Notable companies would include Unilever, EMDI, Powerhouse Energy Drink, Emaar Properties, Standard Chartered bank, Mitsubishi Motors, Qatar Airways, CEAT Tyres and various Indian Companies that come from India to celebrate their annual celebrations success parties. Private events would be include parties of various cultures such as British, American, Dutch, Indian and Pakistani weddings and private events. Regards, Rishi


Sex: Male

Year of birth: 1990

Nationality: Indian

Country of origin: UAE

1. Would like to book me try and call a week in advance. 2. Payment 50% advance remaining after the event. 3. The remaining balance amount can be paid within a day or two. 4. Cancelation of an event means 50% of the advance payment can be refunded. (For eg booked for an event for 1500, will take 750 as advance, event cancelled will refund 375 dhs)
  • Concert halls
  • Stadiums
  • Night clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Private parties


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