800 AED - 1000 AED / by hour

Dubai, UAE Ability to move: Countrywide

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I'm Deepunk from India,Goa.Started my career as DJ when I was 19th. From clubs to pool parties till stage event.By a DJ i can play many genres but I love playing Bigroom house,Electro,Dutch,Commercial,Tech house. As a DJ I can play at any venues and play what crowd demands.

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By a DJ I'm not only good in playing music but also can read the crowd and play what they demand.
It all started in 2011, when he saw some International DJ s performing in front of huge crowd and their music was just awesome and he realized his deep interest in this field. Taking his first step towards his dream, he started with Disc Jockey at the age of 19. With his in-house music collection, he played many events, pool parties, night clubs. Music Types- Genres & Scoop As a professional DJ, Deep Flash can play many genres, style, venues. But he loves playing Commercial House, Bigroom, Techno, Electro, Dutch House, Deep House, Progressive House. Deep Flash is one of the most multi talented, well educated DJ s on the Dance Music Circuit. Versatility is what DJ Deep Flash believes in! This gives him to read the crowd and play what it demands at any particular time. Deep Flash's vision is always aimed towards future, always fresh and at the forefront of the music scene. Variety in his music choice and crowd pleasing persona gives him the edge mainstream acts in Goan nightlife. An artist who lives in music and most of all with his deep passion, which makes the overall experience worthwhile... Experience- Resident DJ at The Park hotel and resort Goa. Duration-1 yr Overall experience- 3 yrs. Try to listen to Deep Flash Music, his work his spell at any party foe he will usually captivate your body mind and senses!!


Sex: Male

Year of birth: 1993

Nationality: Indian

Country of origin: UAE

  • Night clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Private parties
Hindi  Konkani  English  Marathi 


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