Jack De Phono

1000 AED - 2000 AED / by hour

Dubai, UAE Ability to move: Within the city

Why book Jack De Phono?

Well....This is my passion, it runs through every cell in my body. I have been heavily involved with music for as long as I can remember having family members who have been well in the music scene playing with many top DJ's. I have been told by a lot of the audience where I have played that I've got this ability, this energy which circulates around the room when I'm up there and start playing my records, precisely building and pioneering my set from start to finish in a seamless manor. I only pick the sexiest, dirtiest, grooviest records around

Why book on Smooglee?


You can expect a explosive and eclectic mix of soulful, naughty, deep, sexy, driving, bouncy, happy and fun house music which is guaranteed to raise your vibrations. I will play in any location, to as many people as required. I have only a specific and carefully selected collection of the very best house music to keep you grooving and bouncing what ever the weather, I can assure you.
Born and raised in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, Jack De Phono developed an unstoppable passion from an extremely early age. Ever since he could physically hear "real" electronic dance music he was gripped and totally embraced the power, the emotions and ability for that music to unite people and create such life changing memorabilia. Around the age of 5 JDP grew up around the era of his brothers rise to fame in Milton Keynes in "1998", featuring on TV and in the local newspapers playing at some of the biggest and best clubs in the city alongside his father Nick Norman, another legend and in fact one of the biggest inspiration of all time for JDP. Around the age of 19, JDP started DJ'ing at local clubs and parties in Milton Keynes which lead to the realisation that DANCE MUSIC was exactly the answer he was looking for and this was the route to be taking. JDP teamed up as part of V.2 Audio from Milton Keynes in April 2014 playing clubs such as "Pacha" "Minstry of Sound" and "Egg" in the city of London. Just recently Jack De Phono has been on the Thames rocking the party boats which has been a huge success, organising some of the most vibrant and unforgettable parties. Suffice to say, the dance music scene should be expecting some big things in the future from Jack De Phono. ♥


Sex: Male

Year of birth: 1991

Nationality: British

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Details in the "contact" section, give me a call and lets arrange one hell of a party.
  • Concert halls
  • Stadiums
  • Night clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Private parties


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