Corporate events

Emotions are the most expensive and popular product! And the most expensive emotion in the business is enthusiasm! You need not only loyal customers and employees! You need - involved!


Spend the adequate corporate event for customers or employees - and get the growth indicators of Your business!


You know the format of the event? Looking for location and entertainment? All this is on SMOOGLEE platform!

Want an advice of HR professionals and practitioners? Ask SMOOGLEE! And we will find not only the location and entertainment for You - but think about the format and the script - so as to achieve the objectives of Your business!


* Your company is planning to celebrate the anniversary?

* You would like to rally the odd work team by moving all the staff from the office walls in the informal atmosphere of the cafe, open area or deck riverboat?

* You care about the comfort of the staff and a friendly atmosphere, organizing holidays on the most trivial pretext?


It's time to think about the New Year corporate parties and other celebrations choosing the right location and the composition of the evening program with SMOOGLEE.


Planning a corporate event, take into account the format of the meeting. If the goal is to award the working team of company's excellent performance, the celebration will take place in a casual relaxed atmosphere and if the task - to rally the team, organizing competitions, cooperative games for team building, the festive atmosphere will be of a more pleasant background and the focus will shift towards the intellectual component.




Corporate event with the service SMOOGLEE


The first variant. Use the advantage of the proposed options to gather in a virtual shopping cart the required components of Your future corporate event. Event venue, host, music, and technicians - all the points are important. Commission of 5% of the value of the ordered set of services, and the payment to each of the artists You personally perform on the date of a holiday.


The second variant. We will select a location based on Your preferences, time of the year, the number of participants and the purpose of the planned meeting. The team, which will be entrusted to cater for Your corporate event will be chosen by taking into account the specifics of the event and all its members are bound to have a positive organizational experience. You will only need to inform the staff of the date and time, the rest SMOOGLEE will do.


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