Congratulations! You’ve had a long trip from meeting and Hamlet questioning “ to call or not to call” up to the toothbrush in Your glass. Now it is near at hand - the most incredible, the most long-expected and unforgettable event in Your life!




Sweet dream, child’s smile, white dress, rose leaves, bridesmaids and wedding doll – all these things are in this word!


You wish that this day will stay with You forever! You hope that after a long life-length trip, sitting somewhere at the Cote d”Azure, You will  look over Your bright and sweet memories, memories like the pearls. You will remind together with Your loved and darling person these moments: your meeting, engagement, marriage, your baby delivery and her first smile....




But how to make Your wedding to be remembered by joy and happiness, but not by vanity and worry? How to organize, what to start from, how to make it original and stylish, what location to choose, how to invite the guests and entertain them…. Those and hundreds of other questions arise as soon as the dream becomes the task called “ wedding arrangement”. And what to do if Your budget is limited? Never mind! Just for solving of all these tasks we created SMOOGLEE platform for You! 


We propose several ways of Your wedding arrangement.


The first one is when You can choose and book all You need for Your event, starting from event venue (like restaurant or pavilion, or even beach) and up to DJ and speaker by Yourself.


The other way is for those cases when You do not have time and desire to choose and book by Yourself. In this instance we are happy to suggest You our package proposals, which include all You need for Your unforgettable wedding party and are calculated for any budget!


While choosing the Performer and Event Venue, please, pay attention on their status and feedbacks! “Verified” status means that we have tested this particular service for You and guarantee its high quality! It will be also great if You give feedbacks after Your event. It will help all of us to get professional and highly qualified services!


Usually, the agencies take their commission and it is almost 20persent. Besides, sometimes they have additional fees to the Performer one. With us everything is clear – You pay to the Performer directly, our commission is only 5% and it demonstrates for the Performer that the order is real. Besides, You pay our commission fee after the event is held, when You have got the services and are satisfied with its quality.


We believe that thanks to our platform it will be very easy for You to organize Your wedding party! And Your unforgettable memories will stay with You for the whole life! 



Choose, book and hire directly

or use our package proposals