27 Август 2014, 14:30

"Clean the office" or Do we really need to clean our offices


imageBig city wakes up early, but a young secretary even earlier. She has not slept enough today, as well as yesterday and the day before yesterday, but still she has to be the first who arrives to the office. She has to be ready for her boss arrival, and while fussing she even does not mention that she is sneezing. Once in her childhood this girl has suffered from asthma, although she even forgot to think about it. But asthma did not forget about the girl!

Trying to get rid from different types of danger, we, I don’t know why, forget about invisible enemies, that lurk on our desks and keyboards, hidden in our seats of chairs and flying in the air. These enemies – are the microbes and dust, and only the everyday wet and careful cleaning can defend from them.

You may think I'm exaggerating, just make a mountain out of a molehill, but remember your experience. Does not it breathe easier, work better in the office where thoroughly cleaned every day? You feel yourselves even brighter and happier in such places, because many processes in our body depend on what we breathe.

However, if you do not believe your sensations, it is worth to heed the scientific evidence. As you know, the Americans love investigations, and one well-known microbiologist named Charles Emblems decided to find out - and how much bacteria is in the workplace? And if you still think that you don’t really need every day cleaning in the office - just get a grasp of numbers. There are 400 (!) times more bacteria on a typical accountant desktop than on a toilet seat in your home. While their main concentration is in those places which you constantly touch - on the phone (25 000 per square centimeter) and a keyboard (21 000).

Just imagine that your computer desk is replaced by the toilet lid. It would be much more useful to work on it.

And now think about the dust. We rarely notice it and certainly almost never do not understand what does it represent. In fact, each person per day loses a few milligrams of the skin. In addition, he brings the ground, pollen, animal dander on the clothes and shoes. All this is nutritious and tasty porridge for insects such as dust mite that feeds on dead pieces of skin. Also molds arise in the dust. Once held office cleaning, they are washed with dirty water and dust. However, if it does not do those nasty microscopic creatures multiply with breakneck speed and contribute to the prosperity of the same dust mites.

What diseases can all this cause? All of them are difficult to list, but names such as allergies, eczema, nasal inflammation, asthma, speak volumes.

Though overdone in this case is impossible, but the general cleaning needs no more than once every few months (with proper and regular professional performance). When these conditions are satisfied, you have much less chance of getting sick at work, not to mention the rest of the pros stay in a clean room.

There are many years ago that I first felt that such an allergy. This is irritation, itching, inability to engage in daily activities. Later, the problem was solved, but unpleasant memories have been left over the lifetime. And yet asthma is even worse. So I will really believe that the next time the office cleaners will come before the heroine of the first paragraph, and in the future she will worry only about how to perform the new duties after her promotion.