800 AED - 1200 AED / за час

Дубай, ОАЭ Возможность переезда: По всей стране
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Почему выгодно бронировать DJ SD?

I am a professional DJ with more than four years of experience who studies the audience of any event to know the music that best suites the vibe of the event. I am always ready and available to work.

Видео Портфолио

Почему выгодно бронировать на Smooglee?


i would expect a positive crowd and a good pay

I've been playing in different events as a DJ for years. these events range from concerts, clubs, weddings to birthday parties, etc.


Пол: мужчина

Год рождения: 1994

Национальность: Nigerian

Страна происхождения: Nigeria

for bookings, send an email to: for payments: 60% before the event and 40% after the event payment method: Cash the value of my service is 100% because i put effort and I'm always on time for any event. I have up to date devices for a perfect performance and delivery of a good quality of service.

  • Ночные клубы
  • Рестораны
  • Приватные вечеринки


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