KanAfrik Drum and Dance

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We are a group of professional artist based here in Dubai. We are specialized in community drum circles, birthdays, corporate events, school workshops, team building, mall parade,chill out music and African drumming and dancing performance. The reason why you should choose us is that,we make sure that we satisfy you, we give out the best and we add colors to your events. Our costumes add colors and our energy also helps.

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All you should expect from us is the best because we are professionals from Africa. we make sure that we deliver to your expectations. we add colors to your events. Our costumes also add more to it.
Percussionist and Teacher of West African djembe . A team builder and a facilitator who uses the African drums to build a team. for years.


Год основания: 2000

Количество сотрудников: 7

Technical rider head set mic + sound system if a drum circle is outdoor,and if a number of participants is more than 30 people . The same equipment are required at indoor format in case of big groups ( over 40 people), and conference format too! Home rider incuded: Flight -economy class Hotel Meals
Send an email to the email and we will get back to you immediately. Just tell us what you need and it will be delivered. We are ready anytime any where.
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