Svetlana Loboda


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Киев, Украина Возможность переезда: По миру
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Почему выгодно бронировать Svetlana Loboda?

Ukrainian singer and composer. Loboda represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 and finished in 12th place.

Видео Портфолио

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As a young girl, Loboda studied piano, conducting, variety and jazz vocal, and grew to have the experience of composer, leading role actress in a musical, TV host, designer, photographer, singer in Ukraine’s, Russia’s and CIS most popular girls band and finally a solo artist. From an early age Loboda showed a tendency for music and acting, making home musicals for her parents and relatives on family holidays. Therefore, it was not a difficult decision for her mother as to what special courses to enrol her daughter in to study. In the specialized music school, Loboda studied piano and at the same time mastered the art of singing and conducting. Having finished music school, Loboda continued with her music studies and entered the department of variety and jazz singing at the Kiev Variety And Circus Academy. It was at this time she became a member of the band “Cappuccino”. In 2003 she participated in the casting for the first ever Ukrainian professional musical "The Equator", where she received the leading role of "Mirana". On 28 December 2003, she started a new band – “Catch”. Svetlana was the creator of the repertoire and stage costumes for the band. That was her first professional experience as composer and designer.


Пол: женщина

Год рождения: 1982

Национальность: Ukrainian

Страна происхождения: Ukraine

1 month before the event. The organizer pays for the artist and his team move to the concert and back. Vehicles for artists and groups will be provided by the organizers to stay Entertainer, including before and after performances, returning to the hotel, meeting and artists at the station (at the airport). Stamps and vans to agree with the director. Organizer pays subsistence allowance in cash at the rate of $ 100 per person per day and $ 200 per day for the artist.
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