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I am already there "P" a.k.a. dj master stones you looking for your events the most crazy of all musical style R & B. HIP HOP. OLD SKOOL. HOUSE. AFRO BEAT. DISCO. ARABIC. AFRICAN MUSIC. FUNK ETC ... the time is show your phone spear.

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all expect as an event for those who want my profetionel Service

I call myself TOUMOUAN PIERRE ELAMS, better known on the name of "DJ PIRRES". I begin ing the showbiz world in 2001. In 2004 I made my first pat ing the discotheque "deejay". 2006-07 fue I champion my generation dj concour organized by one of the radio in the country: and my championship clinched Dait me a contract ing great disco in the city ARISTOCRAT The contract for 2 years or I start profetionel ing nightclubs. my performance went from success to success in 2008 dreams the night club - The RISTOCRAT 2009-10 - 2011-12 5. GEORGES and my level, experience was in demand in the country, towards the emiats arab units "dubai". or I start to Barasti -Silk -BUBBLE CLUB BAR - MUSIC ROOM - BOX CLUB. I board aujourdui I board 9 years of experience profetionel deejay in me, and I dance all the generations, and NEW SKOOL OLD SKOOL I am a cool DISC JOCKEY.


Пол: мужчина

Год рождения: 1986

Национальность: cameroun

Страна происхождения: cameroun

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